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Miniature Saint Bernards       Dakota Sport Retrievers
We breed Dakota Sport Retrievers, for those that want a smaller version of a Golden Retriever, or just a good looking, easy to train, gentle, fun, yet loving dog! Most come in the typical Golden Retriever colors, but we do breed all colors and patterns!

We breed Mini/Nehi Saint Bernards, for those, like us, that are fascinated by these Giant dogs, but cannot, or do not, want such an enormous dog. They also have much fewer health problems, a longer life span, and they do not drool, or at least not nearly as much. (A few drool a little..)

We also specialize in Mini Saint Berdoodles. So, they have their own page!

We also often have older puppies and adult dogs available. Many are already trained!

All dog and puppies are registered!
Dakota Winds Ranch
Since 1988
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Dakota Winds Ranch
George & Karen Brausen
PO Box 647
Ipswich, SD 57451

(605) 426-6488
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(605) 216-7859
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Preborn deposits are always accepted.
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Nehi Saint Bernard girls, Belle & Red, at 8 months old.
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"Challenger", he is sold!