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Puppy Prices

To see puppy prices, go to the breed's page that you are interested in, and there is a Price List towards the bottom of each page, for that particular breed.
Horse Prices

Gypsy Cross foals: Range is from $1,500 to $7,000. Prices depend on breed, color, feathering, and size.

Bred mares: Range is from $2,000 and up. Depending on breed, training, and expected foal.
Puppy  Shipping

We usually ship on Fridays. Though, we do sometimes ship on other days of the week, depending on schedules, and flight connections. Most airports do not accept puppies on weekends.

Northwest Airlines: Northwest Airlines is the main airline within our State of South Dakota. Therefore, we use them most often. Cost is usually $350, including the crate, health certificate and everything else that is included within the continental US. Canada, and parts of Alaska are usually around $375. An older, bigger puppy is $400 within the continental US. In order to ship, temperatures in all areas of connections, must be between 10 and 85 degrees.

Continental Airlines: Occasionally it is too hot to ship with Northwest. We then can ship with Continental Airlines. (Temperatures do not matter as much, because all of their terminals are temperature controlled.) Shipping with Continental is very limited because they are a 6 hour drive from our house, to Minneapolis. Therefore, the cost is $400

Ground Shipping: We no longer ship via ground shipping, The reason is because some ground shippers may keep the puppy for up to 2 weeks. During which time, we cannot be sure where the puppy is, what treatment the puppy is receiving, what care the puppy is receiving, or what the puppy is all being exposed to?

We can meet in: Pierre, SD, Summit, SD, or Milbank, SD. Sometimes in other locations, if set up privately. Because of high fuel costs, we do charge a $75 fee in order to meet.

All prices are subject to change without notice, depending on fuel costs, airline costs, ect. If arrangements are made before prices change, you may keep with the old prices.

Regular Shipping:

Canadian Shipping:

Older Puppy Shipping:
Over 12 weeks old. Rabies vaccination is included.

Minneapolis Continental Shipping:
When it is too hot everywhere! (Or too cold). Only used in extreme weather conditions!

Heat Pad:
When it is less then 50 degrees, and you want your puppy to stay warm!

When we both drive to meet with your puppy.

You must fill out a Puppy Contract, in order for us to have all of the information needed to schedule your puppy's flight.
Horse Shipping

We can often help with the delivery of your horse or foal. Sometimes people are able to come here, to our house, to pick up their new horse. Other times, we meet them at a halfway point, or delivery all the way for a small fee, depending on the distance.

Sometimes it is just necessary to get a shipper.
Puppy Deposits

Deposits are not refundable in the case that you change your mind. Though, we may carry the deposit to another pet in the future if it would then be better for you. If something is wrong with the pet, we would then refund the deposit. In very special circumstances, we may refund up to half of the deposit.

Preborn Deposit: This is a deposit paid before a litter is born. This deposit gives you choice as soon as the litter is born! It is a $100 deposit before birth, and the rest, (of whatever total deposit is required), when you choose your baby soon after it is born. Puppies are always chosen in the order that deposits are received. If more deposits are received then puppies are born in a particular litter, the extra deposits then go towards the next available litter.

From $300 to under $500: A $100 deposit will hold a puppy for you.

$500 to under $1,000: A $200 deposit will hold a puppy for you.

$1,000 and up: A $300 deposit will hold a puppy for you.

The rest, plus shipping when necessary, is due by the time the puppy is 7 weeks old.

If an unsold puppy is 6 weeks old, or older, we ask for payment in full right away.

Horse Deposits: 1/3 down before a foal is born, with 1/3 due at birth, and the rest at weaning.

If the foal is already born, 1/2 down to hold it, and the rest at weaning. Already weaned foals can be bought straight out.

Payments may only be made on horses with the condition that the horse stays here until paid in full, with a small, $75 monthly board charge. Which includes up to date wormer, run in shelter,  24/7 prairie hay or grass, daily grain, heated water when necessary, mineral salt, and regular up to date pictures. It does not include hooves being trimmed, (usually from $25 to $35), gelding if requested, (usually around $150), or other vet costs requested by the owner.  We cannot keep intact stud colts here that are over one year of age.

Puppy/Dog policies at Dakota Winds apply to horses as well.
Private arrangements are always possible. Offers are welcomed. 
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Preborn Deposit
Preborn Deposit
Heat Pad
Heat Pad
Older Puppy
Older Puppy
Email Us:
We always do our best in describing personalities, training, temperaments, and pack/herd order of each animal. However, they are animals, and do have their own minds, thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Any animal may possibly react differently in a new home.
International Shipping.

Even though they do consider Canada "International", it is still easier then to ship to other Countries.

We can ship puppies to other Countries also, as long as they do not require quarantine.

However, the puppy must be at least 12 weeks old, before it can be shipped.

It is also more expensive. Added to the regular price of the puppy, and the regular domestic shipping costs, there are additional overnight kennel fees and the international flight fees. Which add up to $1,000 to $1,500 more then the regular prices.

If you want us to send you a puppy overseas, be prepared to pay a total of $2,000 or more for your puppy. In most cases, your total price will range from $2,000 to $4,000 depending on which puppy you are interested in.

Our local airport does not ship ship Internationally. In order to send a puppy overseas, we need to travel to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Which is 6 hours from us, just one way! We also have to travel another 2 1/2 hours one way, just to get the required International health certificate.

It is a very long flight for a puppy to travel that far! The puppy must be at least 3 months old, meaning that we need to hold onto the puppy and care  for it, for at least an extra month. Which also ads costs to us, with puppy food, extra vaccinations, more worming's. We also have to make sure to have the space to keep the puppy here for that extra month.

We have also found that puppies that have received at least some training, are much less nervous about going on a trip! With such a long trip, we do require that a puppy must receive at least 3 weeks of training here before going overseas.

The flight itself is also higher priced, usually almost twice as much, as it is to send a puppy within the US.

We will send a puppy overseas, but have separate prices in order to do so, since it is very complicated, and much more difficult then sending a puppy within the US.

If you purchase a puppy that needs to be sent overseas, the prices listed here include the puppy, all of the required paperwork, including the International Health Certificate, pedigree for your puppy, registration application if it is available, vaccination records which include the rabies vaccination and all of the puppy's puppy shots plus the deworming records, guarantee, crate with attached dishes, the flight, collar, and 3 weeks of training. The training includes crate training, at least well started on housetraining, leash trained, basic commands such as sit & drop, house manners, and travel experience.

We will be required to travel for at least 19 hours in order to get your puppy to you. Also extra time on paperwork. The prices below include everything needed to send a puppy Internationally. The higher costs are due to the extensive extra traveling that we must do, and the higher shipping costs. (In comparison from our regular prices.) The price of the actual puppy is not increased.

Nehi or Miniature Saint Bernard Puppy: $3,000

Mini Saint Berdoodle Puppy: $3,000

Dakota Sport Retriever: $3,200

Labbe or Lab Cross/Miniature Lab puppy: $2,500