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*Silver's Secret Fantasy AKA *Tas

Height: 14.2 hands

Sire: *Seeker's Warrior, Curly

Dam: Silke Silver, POA/Tennesse Walker Cross

Training Level: Trained to ride, gaited

Color: Silver Dapple Dun

DOB:May 14, 2002

Sex: Mare

Breeding Status: Open

This horse is our daughter, Ayla's
baby! She saw her being born, and
they have a strong bond! This horse is NOT for sale.

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These are horses that belong to the kids, and are just considered our pets.
"Dartanion", AKA "Dart", is a dark bay Morab Colt, (Gelding), out of Danzer & Darshan. Born May 16th, 2007. Gage is keeping him.

Height: 14.3 hands

Sire: Chestnut/Grey Arabian

Dam: Bay Russian Arabian

Training Level: Trained to ride, baths

Color: Sorral/Chestnut

DOB:October 8, 1996

Sex: Mare

Breeding Status:


Height: 12.1 hands

Sire: Hafliner

Dam: Pony

Training Level: Trained to ride & Drive

Color: Silver Dapple

DOB:July 15, 1996

Sex: Mare

Breeding Status: Open

This is the pony that our kids grew up on! Currently be borrowed by our nephew.

Horses, July 6th, 2008
Dart & Tas are best friends!
May 5th, 2009
Name: Midnight Moon AKA Midnight

Breed: Shire/Clydesdale/Quarter Horse Cross

Height: 14.1 Hands, WOW! So drafty, but short!

Training Level: Loads, has been harnesses, broke to ride. Extra gentle, friendly mare. Anyone, big or small, can ride this mare! Bareback, saddle, bridle, hackamore, halter, or even with nothing at all! She never bucks, rears, or anything like that! Loves water!

Breeding Status: Open for 2009. Being bred to Flash for a 2010 foal.

DOB: April 1999
The above black & white filly is the Flash & Midnight 2005 foal!!!