A Parti is a spotted coat pattern. They are white, with any other color. This dog is a Black & White Parti.
Black Gold
~Very Rare~
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Dakota Sport Retriever

The Golden/Cocker cross has been called by many names. Cogal, Golden Cocker, Golden Cocker Retriever, and several other names. Even though the name keeps changing, they are the same wonderful dogs! If anything, they continue to be improved with selective breeding, and are becoming more & more a very special breed of their own!  Therefore, they deserve a very special breed name of their own! The long term plan is for the Dakota Sport Retriever is to become a real breed of their own!

Some previous names have been trademarked by other breeders. However, a trademarked "breed" cannot be registered, or ever become a "real" breed. For that reason, we do not trademark our breeds, and do not mind if other breeders, breed, register, or call their dogs by the same names that we do. However, be wary of breeders using low quality breeding dogs!

The Golden Retriever itself has gone through several previous name changes before they were called "Golden Retrievers".

A Dakota Sport Retriever highly resembles a Golden Retriever, but are a lot smaller. Usually weighing around 35 to 45 pounds, and about 16 to 17 inches tall. They are usually a cross between a Golden Retriever, and a Cocker Spaniel. This cross has been around for a very long time, and have proven themselves to make an excellent dog, in a much smaller size, as not to overwhelm children. Very fun, playful, easy to train loving dogs!  A very sporty breed that love water and to retrieve outdoors, but have the unique trait of being very calm when indoors! They love to be with their families, and are not known to run off. Another unique trait is that they usually have "slipper" feet.

We use the name Dakota Sport Retriever because Dakota means "friend", and these are very friendly, people ooriented dogs! Sport because they are a lot of fun, loving water, many even jumping off of docks, they love to fetch/retrieve, and play ball. They also love to go on walks, hikes, and runs with their owners. They are a sporty dog, that is very calm & loving indoors. These dogs really love toys! Retriever because they are a smaller version of the Golden Retriever, even though they do have charastics all their own, and are much smaller.


A Dakota Sport Retriever is bred from the Golden Retriever, American Cocker Spaniel, Fiels Bred English Cockers, and a few have a little bit of Miniature Poodle added for a lower shedding coat and shorter ears.

Other breeders breed simular crosses, and may call them by other names, such as Petite Golden Retriever or Mini Golden Retriever. The name Golden Cocker Retriever may also be used? They may use other breeds in their breeding programs, but the main focus is a smaller version of the wonderful Golden Retriever!

A dog that is bred using only a Golden Retriever and a Poodle is a Goldendoodle, no matter what the percentage of each breed is.

About Our Dakota Sport Retrievers

Most of our Dakota Sport Retrievers are bred from Dakota Sport Retrievers. So, they are 2nd or 3rd generation. They are 50% Golden, and 25% to 50% American Cocker, and up to 25% English Cocker. We do also occasionally breed our very small Golden Retrievers, Princess & Peaches, to our Dakota Sport males, for Dakota Sports that are 75% Golden Retriever.

We are thriving to perfect them, into a perfect family dog! Being super smart & easy to train, very fun, (fetch, love water, playful), but also calm & cuddly, extremely gentle, and lower shedding, in a perfect medium size! Their coat is straight to wavy, never real curly. Colors will also vary! Though they will mostly be the typical "Golden" colors, we will also have chocolates, blacks, tan markings, Sables, Merles, Black Golds, and partis available. We always include a pedigree with our puppies!

Our ulimate goal is Dakota Sports that are 50% Golden, 25% American Cocker, and 25% English Cocker. We find this combination to highly resemble a very small Golden Retriever, with a nice, smooth, coat, and easy to train, fun, gentle, very loving, friendly dogs!

We at Dakota Winds are the largest breeders of Dakota Sport Retrievers. We usually have puppies available, and/or on the way. We also are the largest and founders of breeding a variety of colors!

Available Dakota Sport Retrievers: Puppies available now! Already trained Dakota Sport Retrievers! Adults & Older Puppy Page.
Size comparison: Louise, left, is a Golden Retriever. Mindy, right, is a Dakota Sport Retriever. (Both adults here). Yeah... They are not in the correct beds.
This is Al as a puppy. Yes, he does have a brown nose, even now. Brown noses darken with age.
Dakota Sport Retriever Colors
Black & Tan
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