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Located in South Dakota, between Ipswich & Roscoe, it is very quite and private out here. 20 acres surrounded by fields, with no close neighbors or towns. We do not even live on a mailing route! Our County has a population of only 4,000. Average class size in our school is about 15 students per grade.
Our Dogs

We breed dogs that make great family pets! Comforts are excellant all around family dogs! Fun, but gentle and very loving. Labbes are cute, fun, sweet, and very playful! Our Mini Saints are so unique, super genle, and loving! The Dakota Sheepdogs are extra smart, and many are low to no shedding! Many can show, and even make great agility dogs! But our main purpose is to breed family type dogs with great temperments, the least possible health problems that we can breed, with gentle, loving breeds!

Me & George are concentrating mostly on breeding our amazing Mini Saints, Comfort Retrievers, Dakota Sheepdogs, and Labbes. We always loved Medium sized dogs, and these are all very gentle, loving, unique family pets.

Baron breeds Miniature Comfort Retrievers, adorable Hush Bassets,Copicas, and a few Cuddles.

Baron is the main puppy trainer. But during the summer, Ayla and/or Gage may also do some puppy training. Occasionally George & Karen train puppies also, if we have the time.

Some puppies are trained, and then offered for sale. However, we will train any puppy by request!

We also offer spay or neuter to puppies old enough, and adult dogs. However, this is best done in conjuction with training, as the puppy or dog will need to stay her, inside of our house, while he or she heals anyway.

We never sell to pet shops or brokers! Only to loving families and private owners. However, we do not insist on spay/neuter because it is our belief that people work hard for their money, and that when they buy a new puppy, they can make their own good judgements on whether or not they would like to show or breed their dog someday. Depending on the individual intentions for the puppy, we often reccommend having your new puppy fixed, but the final choice is up to you! It is your puppy! We do not pretend to withhold any type of ownership once you receive your puppy. We do love it when new owners send us updates and/or pictures though! 

All of our dogs are much loved parts of our family! We know each and every one of our dogs & puppies for their individual personalities and we love each one for who they are.

All of our puppies are born inside of our house. When they reach an age when they run around, we move them to our dog building which is insulated, heated and cooled when nessessary, clean, and comfortable. We do have large outside pens for our dogs to protect them from our little bit of traffic, the horses strong hooves, from getting lost out here, to control breeding, and a number of other mishaps that could happen by letting a lot of dogs run free.

Our dogs all have comfortable beds, food & water 24/7, kiddy pools to play in during hot weather, ropes, tennis balls, & rawhides. Plenty of room to run and get exersize, they are even allowed to dig holes as dogs love to do! Which it is nessessary for us to refill them from time to time. All of our dogs and puppies are given Milk Bones everyday.

We believe in allowing the puppies to be allowed to run around in the sun to create good muscle tone, and healthy hearts as soon as they are old enough! They are allowed to go inside and out, as they please during the day. At night, they have a 4 X 8 foot pen with food, water, toys, a bed, and mom! Again, heated or cooled as needed.

We do not dock tails on our puppies. However, some of our Dakota Sheepdogs are born with natural bobtails. In the rare occasion that one of our puppies is born with back dew claws, we do dock them. Back dew claws are loose, floppy, and serve no purpose. However, front dew claws are tight up against the paw, and dogs do use them when scratching, and taking corners at a run. Being big agility fans, we do not believe in removing front dew claws.

All of our puppies come with a two year hips & eyes guarantee. They are dewormed at 2 weeks of age, and every two weeks after that, for as long as they are in our care, up to 12 weeks old. Puppies are given first shots at 6 weeks old. We give them a booster at 9 weeks, and again at 12 weeks, if they are still here. However, most puppies leave around 8 weeks old.

We give all of the puppies knicknames, for indenification purposes only. You name your puppy a name that you choose!
Our Horses
Our entire family are very involved with our dogs.

Baron, our oldest son, has his own farm, about 30 miles from us. He is breeding & training puppies. He also has some poultry, and plans to breed & raise Miniature Beef Cattle. Baron also likes hunting, fishing, ATVing, ect. His web site is: www.bbacres.com

Gage, our youngest son,  is a vehicle nut! He also loves dog & puppies more then anyone that I know! Gage loves his ATV's, and to play with puppies!  Gage has been through 1 year at the SD School Of Mines, and now is enrolled at the Hot Rod Institute. His passion is Classic Vehicles. He excells at upholstery!

Ayla is our horse person. She is horse crazy, like me! She owns Tas and Enya, and also claims and rides Midnight. Ayla is also crazy about her English Cockers! She has shown Ginger for many years.. She loves all the other dogs & puppies too, of coarse ;o) Ayla is currently a Senoir at the SD School Of Mines, and majoring in Metallurgical Engineering. She is doing an internship in Kansas during the 2010 summer. She also plays golf, kickball, and is on the Baja team. Ayla also likes ATVing and Bow hunting. Ayla also spends a lot of time with her fiance', Bill.

George spends a lot of his time building/repairing, caring for the dogs, and working on vehicles. Like Gage, George is very interested in vehicles. He also likes to go hunting & fishing.

I am Karen.. I grew up on a Dairy Farm, but we also had almost every other kind of animals too! Except for sheep... (My dad just was not into sheep). I could not imagine a life without animals! I really love baby animals being born and raising them. When I do have spare spare time, I like to Oil Paint & gardening.

As a family, we enjoy playing pool, (billiards), darts, and other games. We also like to take the boat out to go fishing or tubing. We are also beginning to go Kayaking. Sometimes we like to just hang out together, playing croquet, swim in our pool, or relax in the hottub, or by our firepit. We especially love to take our ATV's to the Black Hills & the Badlands! Our entire family likes to collect old Dodge Trucks, and cars, in particularly with 440 engines, and then fix them up.
Like many people, we are fascinated with Draft horses! We love their gentle temperments, their movements, builds, and feathers!

However, Draft horses are huge! Intiminating to some people because of their large size, and they can eat a lot!

Our goal with our horses is to breed smaller Draft horses, around 14 to 15 hands tall. After all, Draft horses do not need to plow fields anymore! Because of their build, they can carry large riders. But because of their gentle tempermets, they are also great for kids! They are a perfect size for anyone to handle, and they do not eat nearly as much as a large Draft.

Flash, being a Gypsy Cob, is the perfect stallion for our breeding program! He has the right size, bone, temperment, plus color and feathering! Style and good looking just ad to him! Our Draft cross mares have either a lot of feathering, or spots! They are just perfect to breed to Flash to create small Draft horses! But if Gypsy horses are such perfect smaller Drafty horses already, we don't we just breed them? The answer is easy! Because many people cannot afford, or just do not want to pay the high prices of a purebred Gypsy horse!

Our small Draft horses are great for anything, except for speed. Perfect family horses for riding and driving! If you want a smaller team, driving or cart horse, nice, mellow trail horse, a nice horse for the kids that is trustworthy and gentle, something built, but not too tall, a stylish English horse, or whatever, a small draft horse may be for you?

We do have other horses also. These horses are our pets.. Horses that we have had for many years, or raised from birth. Horses that we ride, play with, and just cannot bear to part with.

Our horses are only stalled when foaling, injured, or sick. They have run-in shelter, either prairie grass or hay 24/7, daily oats to keep them loving us, mineral salt, and water which is heated when nessessary. They get a minimum of daily attention.
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Gage with his 74' D-100 Dodge Step Side Truck.
Ayla with her finace', Bill.
Gage, working with Bear.
Ayla with Cubby & Ace.
Baron with Patch.
Bill with Skippy.
George holding Rosetta.
Karen with Johnny.
George with Lightening & Poca.
George, Ayla, Karen, & Gage
Karen, Ayla, & Gage