Dakota Winds Ranch
Since 1988!
Dakota Winds Ranch
George & Karen Brausen
PO Box 647
Ipswich, SD 57451

(605) 426-6488
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Most of our breeds cannot be found anywhere else! All are harder to find breeds. At Dakota Winds, we concentrate on Medium sized Family Dogs! We prefer medium sized dogs because small & toy sized dogs tend to get spoiled. (Of coarse, us peoples are not the cause of that at all.. ) Large dogs tend to be stubborn. The Medium size dogs is the most trainable, and easiest to have around, in our opinion! Being large enough for outdoor activities, yet small enough to be comfortable in our homes! Most of our puppies mature between 15 & 19 inches tall
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There are 5 steps to a great behaved dog! Training, exercise, free choice
food, discipline, and space.

Training.. Get a trainer! Or at the very least, get some dog whisperer
videos! He really does know what he is talking about!

Exercise.. Dogs do get pent up energy that does need to be spent! They get
into trouble if they have too much built up energy. A dog should get tired
out once in awhile! A tired dog is a well behaved dog.

Free choice food... A hungry dog will get edgy! With all of our dogs, we
would have some major problems if we limited their food! They should have
free choice food at all times, unless in training, at which time it should
only be taken away at night.

Discipline... Dogs are descended from wolves! They all are! They do need to
know their place, and who is the leader, or they will take on that role
themselves. A great method is if a puppy growls or acts aggressive, to grab
the puppy, put it on it's back, yell NO! Hold it down until it submits. This
is what the puppy's mother would do. It is a language that the puppy

Space.. A puppy needs a place to be by itself once in awhile.. Sometimes it
needs to be put in it's own space for a time out. When I was a kid, we got a
puppy that was just too cute for words! We pestered him and bugged him
constantly! He rebelled against too much attention, and almost became wild!
We learned, and he grew up to be an excellent dog! Also.. A dog is a dog,
and should learn that it cannot be with the family constantly. A room or a
crate to have some space & time alone is very good. NOTE: We do not encourage anyone to keep a dog away from the family at all times! Only sometimes! There is a line.
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We breed Dakota Sport Retrievers, for those that want a smaller version of a Golden Retriever, or just a good looking, easy to train, gentle, fun, yet loving dog! Most come in the typical Golden Retriever colors, but we do breed all colors!

We breed Mini/Nehi Saint Bernards, for those, like us, that are facsinated by these Giant dogs, but cannot, or do not, want such an enormous dog. They also have much fewer health problems, a longer life span, and they do not drool, or at least not nearly as much. (A few drool a little..)

For those that want, or need very low to o shedidng, we breed Mini Saint Berdoodles.