Dakota Winds Ranch
Black Gold
Dakota Sport Retrievers
"Tex", out of Fiesta & Teddy
"Tex", at 1 week
"Tex", at 3 weeks
"Tex", at 4 weeks
"Tex", at 6 weeks
"Tex", at 10 weeks
"Tex", at 14 weeks
"Milly", out of Mindy & Teddy
"Milly", at 2 weeks
"Milly", at 3 weeks
Black Gold is a very unusual, and unique color, that is very much like a tortoise shell cat. Though, with our Dakota Sport Retrievers, they are born mostly black, and the gold coloring comes more, and brighter, with age. We believe it is a form of the sable coloring. An exceptional, head turning color! Everyone stops what they were saying, and is in awe when they see a dog with this coloring! Even our vets have been amazed!
"Tex", at 8 weeks
"Milly", at 6 weeks
"Tex", at 4 Months
"Milly", at 9 weeks
"Tiger", at a year and a half